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Three Great Tools To Improve Your Social Media Activity

Three Great Tools To Improve Your Social Media Activity

4 February 2013/Website Help

Here's three tools we love for improving the efficiency of our time on Social Media.

Few of us have time to do everything we'd like with our Social Media marketing. In our recent course for CEDIA at the ISE Europe expo we explored three tools that we love. All are free and beautifully simple to use too!

IFTTT (If This Then That)

This powerful tool allows you to automatically connect a huge number of Social Media platforms and other tools and make them work together. Once you've added the details of your Social Media and other accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, DropBox etc.) under "channels" you simply create "recipes" to connect them up. A post to your Facebook page can generate a Tweet, your Instagram pics can can be copied to your DropBox or you could save all your Tweets to an Evernote for example. The user interface is brilliant and it works a charm. We love it!



The Klout services takes your Social Media activity and measures it's reach and influence, giving you a score out of 100. There's much debate about the accuracy and content of the Klout algorithm but watching your score go up and down is fascinating and can even be a little addictive... Like many statistical services your actual comparative score should probably be taken with a pinch of salt but the trends (up and down) are really useful for those tying to keep an eye on their effectiveness in Social Media.

See Klout.


Yes, we know it's an old one but if you haven't used TweetDeck before it's a great way to see all your Social Media feeds together in one place, post to multiple accounts at once and keep an eye on search terms or hashtag activity. There's a desktop version plus apps for most platforms and really simple to setup.

See TweetDeck.

There you have it, three tools we love and think you will too. If you'd like more advice on your Social Media activity feel free to get in touch.