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Two Worlds Collide - Adventures In Bandwidth

CEDIA Communicates Winter 2017 Magazine

Two Worlds Collide - Adventures In Bandwidth

17 March 2017/Company News/Website Help/CEDIA/Geoff's Blog

As a company, we're predominantly web designers and social media experts. I also teache Audio Visual (AV) and smart home engineering for the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) across the globe. I haveover 25 years of AV experience, so hopefully this makes me an experienced instructor.

It's a mix of activities that works well for us. In fact, in an ever increasingly connected world these activities 'connect' pretty well too! Bandwidth is a perfect example of this. As web designers, we're constantly working to reduce the bandwidth required for our web pages. It increases page speed, visitor satisfaction and SEO performance. In the smart home world, just about everything is now connected to the network and consuming data bandwidth.

With this in mind CEDIA recently asked me to write an article on understanding bandwidth. You can see the article in both versions (US and European) of CEDIA Communicates magazine and on the CEDIA website.

If you want to know more about how page load speed affects your website, then we're always happy to talk.