Work In AV - Case Study

Project Introduction

When we were first approached to build an AV specific recruitment website by a client that wanted to remain publically anonymous, we were a little skeptical about the project to say the least! Once we met the team behind the idea, saw their passion for the industry and understood their motives it didn’t take long for us to agree to the job!
  • Features:

  • Client Business Type

    • Residential Custom Install
    • Commercial Integration
    • Hi-Fi Retail
    • Recruitment

Project Story

The resulting site - Work In AV - is a fully featured job board where employers can create an account, list vacancies and receive applications for free. Candidates can list themselves as looking for work and upload their CV, alongside their industry specific qualifications. The site functionality is complex and its build involved a great deal of testing before launching in Spring 2014.

The graphical look of the site was to be innovative and original. Presto undertook everything from the logo design to the unique appearance of the branding, while making sure styling remained consistent throughout the site. The language used in the text is of a fun, easygoing nature matching the site’s graphical design.

The Content Management System (CMS) deployed by Presto is easy to use and allows the site’s owners full control of the content, job listings and user management, including the ability to make adjustments as and when needed without issue.

The Work in AV website has now been active for some time and has processed many applications.

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