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Calendar icon5 December 2023 10:34 am OpinionGeoff's Blog

The Future of Wireless might not be RF at all!

Is Wi-Fi 6 (or even 7) the future of data in homes? Or maybe it's 5G or 6G or whatever comes after that? Or maybe, just maybe, there's an even better answer all together. Something with massive potent...

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Calendar icon31 October 2023 10:24 am OpinionGeoff's Blog

Are vLANs - A Usability Issue?

In a recent article for Connected Home magazine in Australia I related a network setup issue that got me thinking. Separate IoT vLANS are great for network security but what about client usability? T...

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Calendar icon18 October 2023 4:39 pm OpinionGeoff's Blog

Why Your Company Website Will Rock in 2024!

With 2024 just around the corner (yes really…) you might be wondering, "Do company websites still matter in this age of AI and social media?" Well, grab a coffee, sit back, and let me break down the...

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Calendar icon29 August 2023 3:45 pm OpinionGeoff's Blog

MAC Randomisation - Security feature or Network Headache?

Have you heard about 'MAC Randomisation'? It's a new security feature for iOS and Android devices designed to improve anonymity online. But is it all good news? What does this new feature mean to netw...

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