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Project features:

  • alternative text Fully Responsive Design
  • alternative text Worldwide Dealer Locator
  • alternative text Huge Product Catalogue
  • alternative text Integrated Blog & History Timeline
  • alternative text Multi-language
  • alternative text Country Specific Contact Us Page

Project overview

Monitor Audio is one of the largest and most respected loudspeaker manufacturers in the world. Their expertise ranges from entry level music products, through to high-end HiFi, custom install and lifestyle audio.

Project story

Monitor Audio’s product line is world renowned. Their range of HiFi loudspeakers, from entry level to high-end, are both revered and respected by customers and reviewers alike.

The brief for the new Monitor Audio website was complex. All functionality from the previous website was to be retained and some new features added. A complete new look, which was more reflective of the design ethos of Monitor Audio's product range, was also requested. However, perhaps the largest part of the project was the complete rebuild of the Content Management system that drives the website and allows editing by the Monitor Audio team.

The team had some specific and significant issues with editing their previous website. These had to be addressed so they could utilise the team’s high level of skill to develop, edit and upload new content. The new website had to be as flexible as possible to edit and as fast as possible to load.

It was to be a big project - and the Presto team were equipped for the challenge.

The first task was to plan out the new website architecture and functionality. A map was formed of the company’s current website with all functionality analysed. From this work, a complete site specification was developed and agreed.

Next came graphical design concepts. One of Monitor Audio’s key strengths is in its detailed industrial design. To show each product at its best a significant amount of new photography was commissioned. With this in mind, the Presto team convened a graphical approach that was minimal in impact to enable the colour, texture and detail of each product to shine through via the photography.

Next came the site build. The Presto team built the new site in ‘plain clothes’ first before integrating the final graphical look. This enabled the Monitor Audio team to begin adding the significant amount of content required as quickly as possible. A final stage of thorough testing and snagging took the project through to a hugely successful initial launch in October 2017.

Major features of the new Monitor Audio website include:

  • Large product catalogue (over 300 products at time of writing)
  • Dealer locator with city, country, distance and product range filtering
  • Auto-sensing, country specific contact information page
  • Product registration system
  • Multi-category blog with historical ‘timeline’ feature
  • Multi-lingual content with English fall-back (five languages)
  • Social media integration, including live feeds from Twitter and Instagram
  • Hugely flexible Content Management System (CMS) for editing
  • Fully mobile responsive design
  • Customisable meta tags for each page for best SEO practice

What the client said...

testimonial icon

The final result of our website has been very well received. Presto AV has implemented the design and functionality exactly as we envisioned it.

Ai Pheng Yeap

Monitor Audio
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