J&R Developments

Project overview

An independent property builder and developer, J&R are a family run business based in East Cambridgeshire. Their craftsmanship and professionalism is second to none and they needed a modest website to show off their skills. We were delighted to help!

Project story

We met J&R Developments through an enquiry via this very website! They had a one-page web presence but it had been built many years previously and they now needed something much more up-to-date.

Mobile compatibility was an important consideration, as it is for every modern website, but so was having a clean, professional look and it being easy to edit.

As a property company they had a good eye for design and needed a design that reflected their professional approach and craftsmanship in equal measure. We took their needs and crafted a website that is both fresh and modern in appearance and is easy for them to edit too! In fact, the client took an active role in uploading much of the final content to the website during the development phase. This meant that, on launch day, they were already confident in making changes and additions whenever they needed too.

Although the project had a relatively quick turnaround due to its limited scope, we still went to great lengths to make sure the new website performed exactly as the client needed.

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