Calendar icon13 February 2023 2:34 pm Company NewsEventsCEDIA

So That Was ISE 2023!

ISE has always been a highlight of the early part of the year, but this time we also had sunshine! Not that we didn't miss Amsterdam in some ways, but it really was nice to walk around Barcelona with...

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Calendar icon24 January 2023 2:43 pm Website HelpEventsCEDIACompany News

Websites in 2023 – ISE 2023 Class

If you're looking at your website wondering if it is fit for purpose, then Geoff’s class at ISE 2023 next month is for you! Titled ‘Your Website in 2023 - Is It Ready?’ this new course explores...

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Calendar icon12 November 2022 4:37 pm Website HelpCEDIAGeoff's Blog

Geoff Talks Project Photography on the CEDIA Podcast

In a recent CEDIA podcast our owner Geoff Meads was invited along to talk about project photography alongside professional photographer (and Presto client) Peter Crane from Whiteroom Technology. The ...

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Calendar icon24 November 2021 3:49 pm Company NewsCEDIA

Geoff Gains New CEDIA IST Certification

Our owner Geoff Meads was one of the first batch of candidates to take and pass CEDIA's new 'IST' or 'Integrated Systems Technician' certification recently. As a long-term CEDIA instructor, Geoff is ...

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Geoff Joins CEDIA Podcast to talk Websites for Smart Home Companies

Every wondered why a visit to your website is like going on a first date? In the latest addition of the popular CEDIA Podcast, Presto owner Geoff Meads explains just that and more! In this hour-long ...

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Calendar icon10 March 2021 12:00 am OpinionCEDIA

To vLan or not to vLan?

vLANS are powerful yet complex things. There are many folks that swear by them when building networks and others that just don't see the point of them with modern hardware (in residential systems at l...

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