Geoff Joins CEDIA Podcast to talk Websites for Smart Home Companies

Every wondered why a visit to your website is like going on a first date? In the latest addition of the popular CEDIA Podcast, Presto owner Geoff Meads explains just that and more!

In this hour-long episode Geoff joins hosts Ed Wenck & Walt Zerbe, plus CEDIA's Ian Bryant and Podium's Taylor Cutler, to discuss the do's and don't do's when building effective websites for smart-home companies.

The group start out by discussing 'what does a website achieve' before the discussion delves into the subject of website mechanics, from graphical design, UX, taxonomy and the honing of image and text content. They even discuss the right (and wrong) places for video.

Before wrapping up. the discussion moves to the importance of your website in a social media world and how it relates to a customer's journey with your brand.

To find out more you can listen to the Podcast episode in full below.

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