Calendar icon13 February 2023 2:34 pm Company NewsEventsCEDIA

So That Was ISE 2023!

ISE has always been a highlight of the early part of the year, but this time we also had sunshine! Not that we didn't miss Amsterdam in some ways, but it really was nice to walk around Barcelona with...

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Calendar icon24 January 2023 2:43 pm Website HelpEventsCEDIACompany News

Websites in 2023 – ISE 2023 Class

If you're looking at your website wondering if it is fit for purpose, then Geoff’s class at ISE 2023 next month is for you! Titled ‘Your Website in 2023 - Is It Ready?’ this new course explores...

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Calendar icon17 September 2020 11:22 am Company NewsEventsCEDIA

Geoff Discusses Building Recording Studios at CEDIA Virtual Expo

With trade expos having to find new ways to connect with their usual attendees thanks to Covid-19, the rise of the 'Virtual Expo' has begun. The long running CEDIA Expo in the US is just such an event...

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Calendar icon20 August 2019 12:00 am Geoff's BlogEvents

Geoff Joins CEPro's 'All Star' Band For CEDIA Expo 2019

Many clients and industry friends will know that our owner Geoff Meads is also a respected touring musician. Along with his partner Victoria they form the modern country duo 'Tennessee Twin' who had ...

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Calendar icon12 February 2019 11:54 am Geoff's BlogEventsCEDIA

Geoff's CES & ISE 2019 Coverage On The CEDIA Podcast

The beginning of each year is a crazy time thanks to two large trade shows, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and ISE (Integrated Systems Europe). While we always attend these shows there's simply no wa...

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Calendar icon21 December 2017 4:51 pm Geoff's BlogEventsCEDIA

Presto Release Video From India Trip With CEDIA

Presto MD Geoff Meads recently returned to India to teach CEDIA's bootcamp along with Hindi instructors. This is his forth trip to India for CEDIA and this time Geoff served as instructor for some o...

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