3 Simple (and Profitable) Ideas For Your Website!

Why not spice up  your web traffic with these three simple ideas for your website? And you’ll love the extra traffic and engagement they generate too!

Social Sharing

Social Media is the way modern communities communicate.  Making it easy for visitors to share your content across Social Media platforms will encourage them to share your message to a much wider audience. Who wouldn’t want that?

Pop over to AddThis or ShareThis, choose the Social Networks you’d like your visitors to share your content with and paste the code into the pages of your website and…voila!

Google Analytics

If you don’t have Google Analytics for your site then add them right away. Go to Google’s Analytics page, create an account and add the code to your website.  Leave it for a few days then log back in and you’ll be able to see every detail that you could possibly need about your website traffic (and a lot more besides…)

If you already have Google Analytics installed take a few moments to go and look at your results. Make a note of the content that is most successful and plan to create more like it!  Take a look at the sources of traffic and make sure ‘Organic’ or search engine traffic features heavily (50% or more).  If search engine traffic isn’t a big source of traffic for you, start to think about some basic SEO work to improve your results with Search Engines.

‘Calls To Action’

At the end of every web page there should be an obvious ‘next step’ for your visitors. Ask yourself ‘what do I want the visitor to do next?' As an example, a product page in an online shop should have a clear ‘Buy Now’ button or ‘More Products Like This’ links.

If you don’t have a clear ‘Call to Action’ consider adding a logical one, thinking first about how a visitor has arrived at this page and what they might like to do next.

A bit Stuck?

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