Are Websites Still Relevant In 2021??

There are more platforms than ever before promising you instant success for your business if you simply advertise with them. If this is true, then surely there’s no need for your own website, right?


At Presto we’ve seen this mistaken thinking play out dozens of times and we must tell you; your website is even more important than ever. Want to know why? Read on…


Facebook and other platforms are great for putting forward a specific offer to a target audience. But what happens when you gain someone’s interest? What happens if that interest comes from a referral? Will they just buy from you without further thought?

When purchasing something for a significant amount of money, we all want to get to know the supplier a little first. It's a simple matter of building trust. We often want to do this before giving a supplier our contact information, for fear of being pressurised into buying something.

Your website is the ideal place to build trust. It's all about you and how you do business. We've helped many companies from all sorts of industries do just that.  We’ll help you ensure your website is a distraction-free way to tell your story and build trust.


When building an online retail business, it seems everyone wants a piece of the financial action. The ideal way to minimise this is to have a single, dependable and affordable supplier looking after the financial side.

At Presto, when we build eCommerce websites, we only use dependable services for this, such as Shopify and Snipcart. This gives you a simple and affordable way to manage purchases and complete clarity on the costs. No additional platforms in the way to take more of your hard-earned profit!

Cross Selling

Maximising every sale is a fundamental rule of retail. Your website is the ideal place to offer related products and services right there at the point of sale. What's more, you can re-target previous customers with new products and offers via your website and email list too.

Every Presto website has a direct ‘call to action’ for each page, suggesting the next step for every visitor and not leaving them hanging. While ‘Buy It Now’ buttons are an obvious choice, related product lists, service and portfolio examples, or even a simple direction to your contact information, can all be appropriate depending on the page content.

It’s Just More Direct

Long-term customers are the bedrock of any business. Where social platforms get between your posts and your audience, filtering what your audience see through algorithms, your website and email list offer a far more direct path to customers.

Although less important than it used to be, delivering results from search traffic is still a vital part of your website’s design and, as a company, we’ve spent many years learning how to deliver great results this way. Pay attention to your SEO and you can still gain custom for your website through search.

And finally…

If you’ve got this far you probably have questions about your own website. That’s perfectly normal! Get in touch for a no-obligation chat about your own needs and concerns. We love to talk to new people.

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