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Blockchain – What You Need To Know

Blockchain drawing

Blockchain – What You Need To Know

3 May 2018/Opinion/Geoff's Blog/CEDIA

If there’s one tech subject that’s really caught our attention over the last year or two it’s Blockchain. For anyone that is concerned about how the current financial system works, or how official records like house titles and car ownership are held, then Blockchain is about to revolutionize all of that!

Back at the ISE Expo this February our MD Geoff Meads presented a booth talk explaining Blockchain for newcomers. It proved really popular with standing room only by the end! You can see a video of the presentation on the CEDIA HQ YouTube channel.

As a result, Geoff was also asked to write an article for the online magazine Hiddenwires. You can now read that too.

We’re really looking forward to the revolution Blockchain tech is going to deliver and you owe it to yourself to find out more!