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Calendar icon28 December 2018 5:11 pm Geoff's BlogWebsite HelpOpinion

Are 10Gb/s Networks A White Elephant? - Article

If, like many installers, you've been wondering about specifying and installing 10Gb/s networks in customers' homes then this article is for you. Are 10Gb/s networks the future so they just offer ...

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Calendar icon2 November 2018 12:00 am Geoff's BlogWebsite HelpOpinion

Redundancy In Networks - Article

Make no mistake, the network is the most important system within any home installation. It's the bedrock on which so many systems stand that network failure is not an option.  In his recent article...

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Calendar icon17 May 2017 11:49 am OpinionWebsite HelpGeoff's Blog

Cyber Attacks & How We Must Change Our Technology Buying & Selling Habits

In the last few days a reported 200,000 computers in over 100 countries have been affected by the largest cyber attack the world has ever seen. As I sit and write this piece, news sources are suggesti...

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Calendar icon5 August 2016 12:14 pm Website Help

Avoid Using Online Images Without Permission

The easy bit Us humans are visual creatures and form our first impressions within seconds.  Most of us who are regular social media users already know that posts with images receive far more likes,...

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Calendar icon22 March 2016 6:36 pm Website Help

Is Your Website Harming Your Business?

It seems a long time ago since we published our blog article - 'What is a Mobile Responsive Website?'  In fact it was December 2014, when the option of having a responsive website was still vie...

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Calendar icon16 February 2016 12:45 pm Website Help

Social Media for Business - Part Two: 6 Top 'Dos and Don't Dos'

More and more of us are using social media. In fact, Ofcom's latest data shows 72% of adult internet users in the UK have a Social Media profile. Whether it’s catching up with old friends on Faceb...

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