CES 2016 Here We Come!

There's simply no place like the annual International CES® show to see the next generation of consumer technologies. Every January the whole tech industry is drawn 'like a moth to a lamp' to Las Vegas for CES. Considering the number of lamps actually in Las Vegas its no wonder the draw is so strong...

We're off to CES this week to see what's new. So what might we expect to see...?

We're certainly expecting plenty of new 'DIY' home automation devices. If the pre-show chat is anything to go by there'll be simply hundreds of new devices, standards and platforms on show. We'll be trying to make some sense of them all! A meshed version of Bluetooth has been mooted that promises wider communication possibilities. Both Z-Wave and Zigbee are promising developments in their standards too. A uniform communication standard for home control would be great but sadly unlikely.

On the home entertainment front we're expecting production 8K TVs. Even bigger screens are the norm at CES each year and (hopefully) OLED TVs will be going mainstream from now on. 

Immersive surround sound is maturing. More equipment launches are expected with speakers that point in new directions and AV receivers with even more channels.

Wearables is a sector that has featured in recent years. Apple don't do CES but the other smart watch manufacturers will certainly be there. We expect them to be showing the next generation of watches, bands and other personal tech. Expect new technologies, faster operation and (hopefully) longer battery life!

And to round it all off we'll be making sure to spend a few hours gazing in wonder at all the new high-end audio products being shown at the Venitian hotel.

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