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Calendar icon3 February 2022 9:59 am Website HelpGeoff's Blog

The Devil’s in the (Meta) Data!

For many projects, the route to success is in the detail. When you're building a website, those details are often the elements you don't see more than the ones that you do. It’s not difficult to mak...

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Calendar icon24 November 2021 3:49 pm Company NewsCEDIA

Geoff Gains New CEDIA IST Certification

Our owner Geoff Meads was one of the first batch of candidates to take and pass CEDIA's new 'IST' or 'Integrated Systems Technician' certification recently. As a long-term CEDIA instructor, Geoff is ...

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Calendar icon4 November 2021 12:50 pm Website HelpGeoff's Blog

What is 'DNS'?

'DNS' or the 'Domain Name System' is a wonderfully powerful technology that largely operates in the background. However, when it goes wrong, all sorts of things stop working. So what is DNS? Geoff r...

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Calendar icon1 November 2021 11:21 am Website HelpGeoff's BlogOpinion

Should You Build Your Own Website?

“Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should”. With so many website builder apps available does it still make sense to employ a professional web developer to build your website, or should yo...

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