Presto MD To Present Four Courses at ISE2017

Presto Present Four Courses at ISE2017

I'm pleased to confirm that I'll be presenting four courses at ISE 2017 in February. As long term trainer for CEDIA I'll be delivering four courses with subjects ranging from UX and online marketing to wired and wireless data networking.

This is the seventh year I've taught as a CEDIA volunteer at ISE. One of the founding principles of Presto is to share valuable knowledge so that the whole industry benifits.

Bespoke Courses

My first course explores 'User Experience' (UX), an essential new knowledge area for anyone that works with customer interfaces. The second is an in-depth course covering many subjects related to online marketing including 20 website must-haves:

UI vs. UX - Building Smart Home Interfaces For Human Beings

Mastering Online Marketing Including 20 Website ‘Must-haves’

CEDIA Courses

And to top-off the course offerings I'll also be presenting the following CEDIA data networking courses:

Advanced Residential Networking

Wireless Networking

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