Time – The Enemy of Every Web Project

No matter how wealthy or successful you might be, there is one thing you can't buy – more time. If you run your own business, especially if you’re a small-to-medium sized company, you know this fact all too well.

With time being a finite resource, one of our key concerns is how best to spend the little time we have. Most entrepreneurs are smart people and can turn their hand to many tasks. It becomes easy to believe they can do everything themselves and succeed in all areas - but experience (and a little honesty) soon proves that this is a delusion.

So, with very little time and a lot to do, which tasks do you outsource?

With so many website-builder applications available it’s common for small business owners to believe they can build their own website. A quick look at the advertisements for these tools will suggest you can get a world-class website live in 5 minutes or so and customers will soon be queuing at your (virtual) door. However, once you dive into the build, it is clear that achieving success online is a much bigger task than the adverts suggest.

One major task in a website build that’s often overlooked is the generation of content. By content, we mean branding, text, images, messaging, and other materials like ‘micro copy’. All these items must be generated in a co-ordinated way, so a visitor’s journey through the website is convincing, consistent, and ultimately causes them to act on what they see. Curating a visitor journey is quite a challenge, even for a web professional.

At Presto we offer content generation as an optional part of all website projects. Taking simple ‘bullet point’ text, an image library and your logo, we can build and populate a website that’s effective from day one. This means that, no matter how tight your schedule, you can have a website built that is effective from launch.

You don't have to decide who generates the content at the start of the project either. You might plan to generate your own content but then get too busy to do so. No matter, we can take over that task mid-project if that should happen.

All our websites are built with a Content Management System or ‘CMS’. This means you can create and edit your own website content when time allows. However, it also minimises the cost of us making changes for you later.

If you’re trying to build a website but not finding the time, then why not get in touch. Building and launching effective websites is what we’ve being doing for well over ten years.

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