Why We Build With Processwire

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) for your website is an important decision. The CMS is where you will edit your pages and create new content. It is also where we develop the functionality your website needs.

The choice of CMS determines how flexible, upgradable and secure your website is for its entire life span. For web developers like ourselves it's especially important. We will be recommending it to clients and working with it pretty much every day.

Some years ago, after speaking to other developers about their CMS experiences, we came across Processwire. Looking into Processwire it immediately appeared to offer everything we could need. After building a beta website to test its capabilities, we were not disappointed. We moved to Processwire for all new builds right away and have never looked back.

Processwire offers us the opportunity to lay out admin pages in a way that makes editing your website simple and logical. Unlike some CMS systems it doesn't have to depend on a raft of add-on modules to achieve basic functions. This is great news, as such modules can tend to introduce future support and compatibility concerns. Also, Processwire's logical approach to data storage means it's easy for us to run upgrades without fear of introducing content errors. It is also extremely fast at delivering pages and is highly secure.

In short, for most websites we build on processwire because:

  • It's clean and easy to build with
  • It's fast at delivering your webpages to visitors
  • It's easy for website owners to create and edit content
  • It's highly secure
  • It doesn't depend on add-on modules for basic functionality
  • It has a superb and friendly support community

If you'd like to know more about our choice of Processwire, or discuss an existing Processwire site or new project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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