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Calendar icon14 October 2015 4:58 pm Website HelpCEDIAGeoff's Blog

You’ve been to CEDIA Expo. What's next?

If like us you’ve had a great time at the CEDIA Expo, you’ll most certainly have gained some new skills and fresh knowledge and are itching to put your new-found wisdom into practice. While your ...

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Calendar icon15 April 2015 10:00 am Website HelpOpinionGeoff's Blog

Top 5 Considerations When Building Your Mobile Website

Google has declared it will rank 'mobile-friendly websites' higher in its search results from April 21st. A change that Google states as 'significant'. Serious consideration must now be given to mobi...

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Calendar icon9 July 2014 9:00 am Website HelpOpinionGeoff's Blog

Three 'top tips' to turn slow periods into long term profit!

Enjoying the sun but not the level of sales? All businesses have their quiet periods. Retail tends to be slow in the summer, while ice cream sellers find things quiet in the winter. So what do you do ...

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Calendar icon7 March 2014 1:31 pm Website HelpOpinionGeoff's Blog

Stop! Three things to ask yourself before you respond angrily to a Social Media post…

We’ve all been there, happily reading the timeline of posts shared by our friends on Facebook or followed accounts on Twitter, and then there it is - a post which makes your blood boil! Maybe it’...

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Calendar icon10 May 2013 8:00 am CEDIAGeoff's Blog

CEDIA Awards Judging - Why We’re Proud to Do Our Bit!

We consider it a privilege to be technical judges for the CEDIA Awards. Here’s why... If you follow our social media posts (our Facebook page or Twitter feed for example) you’ve probably noti...

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