Calendar icon7 April 2022 12:00 am Opinion

'Double NAT' - Article For Connected Home Magazine

If you're stuck using an ISP supplied router in your home, office or a clients residence then there is still a way to add features, reliability and improve security. It involves a second, higher speci...

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Calendar icon1 November 2021 11:21 am Website HelpGeoff's BlogOpinion

Should You Build Your Own Website?

“Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should”. With so many website builder apps available does it still make sense to employ a professional web developer to build your website, or should yo...

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Calendar icon6 October 2021 2:13 pm Geoff's BlogWebsite HelpOpinion

Web Designer, Web Developer, Graphic Designer – What's The Difference?

Who should you choose to lead your website project? Can’t anyone build a website these days? Err, no. Unless you actively build websites daily it’s easy to be confused as to who does what in the ...

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Calendar icon29 September 2021 10:52 am Geoff's BlogWebsite HelpOpinion

Are Websites Still Relevant In 2021??

There are more platforms than ever before promising you instant success for your business if you simply advertise with them. If this is true, then surely there’s no need for your own website, right?...

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Calendar icon20 July 2021 12:00 am Geoff's BlogWebsite HelpOpinion

What Happens When You Load a Web Page?

Ever wondered what actually happens when you load a web page in your browser? How all those fancy images, opening and collapsing menus and video elements appear on your screen? And how do all those lo...

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Geoff Joins CEDIA Podcast to talk Websites for Smart Home Companies

Every wondered why a visit to your website is like going on a first date? In the latest addition of the popular CEDIA Podcast, Presto owner Geoff Meads explains just that and more! In this hour-long ...

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