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Calendar icon24 January 2023 2:43 pm Website HelpEventsCEDIACompany News

Websites in 2023 – ISE 2023 Class

If you're looking at your website wondering if it is fit for purpose, then Geoff’s class at ISE 2023 next month is for you! Titled ‘Your Website in 2023 - Is It Ready?’ this new course explores...

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Calendar icon12 November 2022 4:37 pm Website HelpCEDIAGeoff's Blog

Geoff Talks Project Photography on the CEDIA Podcast

In a recent CEDIA podcast our owner Geoff Meads was invited along to talk about project photography alongside professional photographer (and Presto client) Peter Crane from Whiteroom Technology. The ...

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Calendar icon12 October 2022 10:32 am OpinionGeoff's BlogWebsite Help

Contact Forms – They’re Not For You!

Contact forms have been a staple in website design for many years. A favourite of the marketing department, their aim is simple – to collect customer enquiries and data. But, unless they’re carefu...

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Calendar icon9 May 2022 1:07 pm Website HelpOpinionGeoff's Blog

5 Reasons A 'Meet The Team' Page Is Vital!

The ‘Meet the Team’ page is one of the most important, yet feared, pages on business websites. On the one hand, it's great to show off the wonderful members of your work family. On the other, many...

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Calendar icon11 April 2022 2:44 pm OpinionWebsite Help

Stop (Most) Spam from Your Website Email Link

Every day we all drown in spam email. Even the best spam filters only catch some of it - it forces us to reach for the delete button all day long. Reducing spam on your personal email account can be ...

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Calendar icon24 March 2022 11:56 am Website HelpGeoff's Blog

Time – The Enemy of Every Web Project

No matter how wealthy or successful you might be, there is one thing you can't buy – more time. If you run your own business, especially if you’re a small-to-medium sized company, you know this fa...

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