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Presto to Deliver Website & Marketing Courses at Integrate 2017

Presto is delighted to be teaching at the Integrate Expo in Australia for the third year in a row. This year the show travels to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and will run from the...

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Calendar icon9 June 2017 9:19 am Geoff's BlogOpinionCEDIA

Finding Time To Learn Something New

Originally written for Essential Install Magazine (May 2017) At the heart of any small business is the requirement to earn a living. As much as we love to follow our passions and enrich our lives, we...

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Calendar icon17 May 2017 11:49 am OpinionWebsite HelpGeoff's Blog

Cyber Attacks & How We Must Change Our Technology Buying & Selling Habits

In the last few days a reported 200,000 computers in over 100 countries have been affected by the largest cyber attack the world has ever seen. As I sit and write this piece, news sources are suggesti...

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Calendar icon21 November 2016 1:35 pm EventsGeoff's Blog

Presto MD To Present Four Courses at ISE2017

I'm pleased to confirm that I'll be presenting four courses at ISE 2017 in February. As long term trainer for CEDIA I'll be delivering four courses with subjects ranging from UX and online marketin...

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