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Calendar icon5 August 2016 12:14 pm Website Help

Avoid Using Online Images Without Permission

The easy bit Us humans are visual creatures and form our first impressions within seconds.  Most of us who are regular social media users already know that posts with images receive far more likes,...

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Calendar icon20 July 2016 4:52 pm Company NewsWebsite LaunchesCEDIA

Our ‘Sorry We Haven’t Blogged’ Post!

We can guarantee for every company news blog, the day will come when you will need to write the ‘sorry we haven’t blogged for a while’ post. Well, today it's our turn.  Since moving into ou...

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Announcing our new project - iDreamAV

We’re excited to be able to tell you about a brand new project we’ve been busy working on here at Presto HQ. It's called iDreamAV! What is iDreamAV? iDreamAV is a user friendly Hi-Fi and Home...

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Calendar icon22 March 2016 6:36 pm Website Help

Is Your Website Harming Your Business?

It seems a long time ago since we published our blog article - 'What is a Mobile Responsive Website?'  In fact it was December 2014, when the option of having a responsive website was still vie...

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