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Geoff Joins CEDIA Podcast to talk Websites for Smart Home Companies

Every wondered why a visit to your website is like going on a first date? In the latest addition of the popular CEDIA Podcast, Presto owner Geoff Meads explains just that and more! In this hour-long ...

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Calendar icon5 March 2021 1:44 pm Geoff's BlogOpinionWebsite Help

Who Is Your Website For Really?

I’ve been building websites professionally for well over ten years now. I’m privileged to work with a wide array of wonderful clients and really enjoy the work I do with them. When it comes to ea...

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Calendar icon7 February 2021 10:14 pm Geoff's BlogWebsite HelpOpinion

Confused by Google Analytics? Here's Our Top 5 Metrics for Small Business!

Google Analytics is easily the most popular measurement tool for small-to-medium business websites. It’s super-powerful, industry-standard and, to top all that, it’s free! But with great power br...

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Calendar icon24 November 2020 12:00 am Geoff's BlogWebsite HelpOpinion

We Don't Build Websites With Wordpress

There's no denying that Wordpress is an extremely popular base on which to build a website. Statistics vary on exactly how many Wordpress websites there are on the web but it's a huge number that's f...

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Calendar icon29 September 2020 9:29 am Geoff's BlogOpinionWebsite Help

Networks for Home Businesses During Covid-19 (Article)

If there's one aspect of home technology that's borne the brunt of Covid-19 it is undoubtedly the home network. Parents working from home, kids schooling from home and our general useage of entertain...

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Calendar icon9 July 2020 3:35 pm Website HelpGeoff's Blog

Why We Build With Processwire

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) for your website is an important decision. The CMS is where you will edit your pages and create new content. It is also where we develop the function...

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