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Calendar icon28 May 2014 5:00 am Website Help

Using Social Media to Benefit Your Business

Social media is a great way for any business to build awareness of its brand, to drive traffic to its website and to generate new leads, but be warned… Any business signing up to a social media pla...

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Calendar icon7 March 2014 1:31 pm Website HelpOpinionGeoff's Blog

Stop! Three things to ask yourself before you respond angrily to a Social Media post…

We’ve all been there, happily reading the timeline of posts shared by our friends on Facebook or followed accounts on Twitter, and then there it is - a post which makes your blood boil! Maybe it’...

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Calendar icon11 December 2013 1:39 pm Website Help

3 Simple (and Profitable) Ideas For Your Website!

Why not spice up  your web traffic with these three simple ideas for your website? And you’ll love the extra traffic and engagement they generate too! Social Sharing Social Media is the way moder...

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Calendar icon19 November 2013 2:53 pm Website Help

Planning A New Website - Part 5: Project Milestones

We believe that every good website project is just that…..a 'project'!  Put simply, it's the transition from one state to another and, as with any project, to be successful it needs good planning, ...

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Calendar icon29 August 2013 9:00 am Website HelpOpinion

The EU Cookie Law – An overview

Are you a website owner?  Read all about the new cookie regulations and what they mean to you and your organisation. What are Cookies? Cookies are small text files that a website stores on a visito...

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Calendar icon29 July 2013 6:00 am Website Help

Planning a New Website - Part 4: Top 5 Web Terms To Understand

Confused by web terminology? We've explained the top 5 terms used when buying your domain and hosting. Web Hosting / Server Put simply a 'web server' or 'web hosting' service is a computer that's co...

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