CEDIA Awards Judging - Why We’re Proud to Do Our Bit!

We consider it a privilege to be technical judges for the CEDIA Awards. Here’s why...

If you follow our social media posts (our Facebook page or Twitter feed for example) you’ve probably noticed that we we’ve been busy judging the Region 1 CEDIA Awards over the last few weeks. 

The judging itself takes a massive amount of time, especially with the CEDIA Awards now attracting so many entries. So why do we do it? The answer is quite simple. We consider the CEDIA Awards to be a hugely powerful way for entrants to gain exposure for their good work though a raft of post-awards marketing activities. Moreover, the whole industry (ourselves included) stand to gain from demonstrating to homeowners how modern technology can enhance their living space when installed professionally.

As technical instructors, we’re proud to have been invited by CEDIA to contribute to this fantastic process and we’re now looking forward to the CEDIA Awards Ceremony itself on June 28th at the Tower of London.

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