Calendar icon6 August 2019 12:00 am Geoff's BlogOpinion

Our Thoughts on 5G and the LAN

As many will know, our MD Geoff Meads is heavily involved with CEDIA as both a professional teacher and volunteer. One of the discussions that's becoming quite heated of late among CEDIAs thought lead...

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Calendar icon19 July 2019 11:08 am Geoff's BlogWebsite HelpOpinion

WiFi 6 Is On It's Way - Article

WiFi standards are about to get easier to understand. Plus, we're about to get better coverage and battery life with WiFi 6 / 802.11ax! After presenting a CEDIA Booth talk on WiFi 6 at ISE 2019 Austr...

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Calendar icon3 May 2019 5:06 pm Geoff's BlogWebsite HelpOpinion

A Pa55w0rd To Paradise - Article

If, like most people, you struggle with the number of passwords you now need to memorise then this article is for you. In his article for Connected Home magazine our MD Geoff Meads shares some thought...

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Calendar icon28 December 2018 5:11 pm Geoff's BlogWebsite HelpOpinion

Are 10Gb/s Networks A White Elephant? - Article

If, like many installers, you've been wondering about specifying and installing 10Gb/s networks in customers' homes then this article is for you. Are 10Gb/s networks the future so they just offer ...

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Calendar icon2 November 2018 12:00 am Geoff's BlogWebsite HelpOpinion

Redundancy In Networks - Article

Make no mistake, the network is the most important system within any home installation. It's the bedrock on which so many systems stand that network failure is not an option.  In his recent article...

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Calendar icon15 October 2018 3:03 pm OpinionGeoff's Blog

Geoff's CEDIA Expo Blockchain Booth Talk Video Now Live!

Taking stage at the CEDIA booth once again, our MD Geoff Meads talks about the future of money, house titles and the many other possibilities for the  technology everyone's talking about - Blockchai...

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